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Dear Friends! Why did I dare to name you so? Because you are reading this website! I do not know exactly how you turned out to be here but that was definitely a lucky click on the button! Not to spend your precious time I just name the number - $11.828,21. This sum of money we earned with our newest absolutely Forex leader - Forex Pentium Robot - in one month of testing!

Please read further the description of the product, see its statement, backtesting video and screenshots made by my best team of developers ever and I'm finishing my opening words for the website and rushing to watch the performance of Pentium Robot. Just can't help to see it earning fully in hands-free mode - it is like watching fish in an aquarium - the same intriguing process!

Join me in this winner's dance!

Just three words to describe the Robot: SMART, SIMPLE, MONEY-MAKING

Our newest Forex Pentium will gladden you with outstanding self-performance without touching a mouse. Enjoy TOP productivity and quality that you as usual expect from Green Forex Group!

Now you can quit your job and make even more money. You get a remarkable list of features with Forex Pentium at a great price. At Green Forex Group you are not just another customer - you are a MEMBER!

Who else wants more fun and less stress when on vacation?

Here is The Secret of Successful Trading:

This Expert Advisor does not open orders if the broker temporarily set high spreads. That means that entry into the market will be on the most beneficial conditions. Also when the news and big events take place, the spreads are rising, which actually helps to avoid orders at "vague" time.

The advisor controls Margin level and blocks the orders opening at a low level of available funds. There is a strong correlation between pairs. Thanks to it, we hedge risks in trading.

Technical data and requirements:

* EURUSD, USDCHF, Ì15 timeframe
* Compatible with any broker that allows auto trading.
* All that you need to start trading with our Forex Pentium is a PC, MT 4
platform installed and stable internet connection.


The popularity of Forex automatic trading robots keeps increasing and it is not surprising.

Forex Pentium is for anybody who wants a reliable and stable profit in a non-pressured atmosphere. By getting our robot, a new trader will get himself a product that will provide him with means for education, a product that has a unique and extremely powerful algorithm but one that won’t require to know all the intricacies of its operation or to fine-tune dozens of parameters.

First of all, we’d like to recommend this system to all our dear members – if it wasn’t for your contributions and all your inquiries, we would have never dared to venture and take on such a big challenge. It was your support and belief in our products, that inspired us to work tirelessly to accomplish what we have.

This system is extremely useful tool for
professionals, who spend all their time trading on Forex. Professional traders will adequately appreciate the exactitude and profitability of this system. It’s you, who will be able to quickly locate the correct pairs our system is the most profitable with. It’s your comments that are most useful to us and allow us to perfect our algorithms.

Our system will also be quite indispensable for all
new traders. With it you’ll be able to study all the unique aspects of each currency pairs, as well as being able to learn, comprehend and “feel” the market. And, of course, it will naturally provide you something you came to the market in the first place – stable and abundant earnings.

Traders, desiring to balloon their small deposits into a $200-$300 range: minor drawdowns and frequent profitable trades will allow you with moderate risk and relatively quickly to bring up your deposit to the levels where your risk could be minimized.


Forex market is one of the most unpredictable fields. The situation can be very unstable from time to time so it is difficult to say you the exact amount of dollars you will gain. No vendor will tell you.

BUT we always show our latest results because we want to share you the numbers of the current market. Our results are always from a real account,fully-auto mode without any interference from any testers.

So, let's get closer to the tasty numbers.
This time our Forex PENTIUM Robot has shown brilliant results!
(December, 9, 2014 - January, 14, 2015)

72 trades, 59 wins

That means win ratio is approximately 85%... It is a very good and promising factor for an 100% automated Forex expert advisor. Check the statement below & numbers of trading on both currency pairs published separately.

-- click here to view full statement --

ONE IMPORTANT NOTE: Some of you may wonder why we have not published 1 or 2 years backtest report. Well, past performance within such a long period of time may not represent actual trading.

That’s why we prefer showing you latest results of forward testing. And yes, we are against backtesting and always recommend try and test any product on a demo account – just make it a real forward test!

Attention! Please measure all risks and select the most safe and optimal Lot Size. In this case with a relatively stable market you’ll see a gradual but consistent deposit growth.

We highly recommend that you don’t increase the Lot Size without a reason as it may lead to considerable monetary losses. We recommend 0.1 Lot Size per each $1,000 of your deposit.

Now, after you have checked the proof of Forex Pentium positive performance, are you still doubting?
Even skeptics will change their opinion as the numbers are really impressive. All you need to do is to install the product and provide stable internet connection (if it is not possible at your side - just use VPS - virtual private server).

Your dream of such an automated helper came true! No need to learn all those intricacies of the programming - Forex Pentium Robot will do everything for you!


In this product, we used the strategy of following the trend by finding the most profitable entry points. H1 trend filter defines a global direction of price movement and further the set of M15 indicators are included in execution process. When the conditions for the opening of the order are fulfilled, namely the coincidence of the trend direction on H1 and M15 TF, the signal about overbought/oversold market, advisor opens an order.

At the same time there can be opened up to 3 orders on 1 pair (use parameter MaxOrders in the settings). These orders can be opened in different directions, so for the effective profit, we applied a new feature to close all orders for the total amount of profit (CloseAllToProfit).

For example, when the parameter CloseAllToProfit = 20, we have 2 orders (-$10 and +$30)

The advisor will close both orders at the same time and the total profit will equal $20.

SPREAD CONTROL will not allow the Robot to open an order with an increase in the spread above MaxSpread.

MARGIN CONTROL will protect against excessive load on the deposit.


 M15 timeframe
 Latest profit - $11.828,21
 Auto or manual Stop Loss and Take Profit
 Margin and Spread Control
 Easy Hedging Control is available
 Trades accuracy: UP to 85%
 Any MetaTrader4 broker compatible


What do these "1191 pips" mean? That’s about $354 with the 0.03 Lot Size. Not saying about $11.828 in case you may allow 1.0 Lot Size (deposit of $5000).


As you can see it all depends on your Lot and leverage. To trade safely and grow your account you need to remember our trading recommendations.

In this case you’ll see a gradual but consistent deposit growth. Increasing your Lot Size will lead to an increase in your potential earnings, but at the same time it increases the odds of possible losses. We highly recommend that you don’t increase the Lot Size without a reason.

Sometimes we are asked why would we show such low numbers as our baseline. Indeed, there are some companies out there, who, in order to lure a customer in, resort to false promises of quite unrealistic earnings just to sell their products.

We, on the other hand, respect our customers’ intelligence and never engage in false advertisement. We realize that most of our members manage accounts somewhat around $300 – $1000. Considering this, it is just impossible to make $10,000 out of a hundred!

A whole lot depends on initial deposit and a risk you’d be willing to take. If you’re starting and taking your first steps, don’t rush, look around and trade first on a demo account. Your initial patience and ability to think things through will pay off handsomely in the end.


For the purpose of testing, we used both pairs.
The actual testing was done by a number of hand-picked programmers and beta-testers which we ran 24/5.

We captured and vizualized a couple examples of the BEST trades of Forex PENTIUM for you. Please look at the following screenshots:

Just check how easy it made +$1,040.28 JUST in 3 trades!
Completely AUTO-mode with its 2 main pairs!

Our main term-algorithms have been devised in such a way that while minimizing the risks, it nevertheless allows the robot to be extremely profitable. SPREAD CONTROL does not allow the robot to open order with an increase in the spread above MaxSpread.

MarginControl protects against excessive load on the deposit. We recommend using default settings as they are the most optimal ones.

When the news and big events take place, the spreads are rising, which actually helps to avoid orders at "vague" time.
Here is one more screenshot with the results:

+$1,261.74 also just in 3 trades!

Most novices start with micro lot to feel trading before operating with great sums of money. It isthe perfect way for beginners to learn trades, test products and check brokers. So if you are an owner of such a small but valuable deposit you may also get Forex Pentium Robot.


Forex Robots are automated systems that enter trade orders in the place of a human trader. They are programmed to generate returns by the application of mathematical rules which are decided by their developers.

Again we want to show you that automated trading is not scaring at all and it have its deserved advantages:

NO NEED TO STAY in front of the computer to operate. It gives the trader more free time to improve his/her strategies or create new ones.
AVOID the classic psychological errors derived from the human factor: to stretch on losing operations hoping they will go back up, to open positions out of desperation even though the conditions required in our strategy are not met, etc.
Robots manage AUTOMATICALLY and intelligently the entering of operations, Take Profits, Stop Losses, closing of orders, etc.
Systems can run for 24 HOURS a day. The analyze the markets constantly so that the trader doesn’t miss any trade.
The trader DECIDES when to activate a robot and when to deactivate it.


Every market has a spread and so does Forex. A spread is simply defined as the price difference between where a trader may purchase or sell an underlying asset. Traders that are familiar with equities will synonymously call this the Bid: Ask spread.

Here is an example of the spread being calculated for EURUSD. First we will find the buy price at 1.35640 and then subtract the sell price of 1.32626.

What we are left with after this process is a reading of .00014?

(Traders should remember that the pip value is then identified on the EURUSD as the 4th digit after the decimal, making the final spread calculated as 1.4 pips).

Since the spread is just a number, we now need to know how to relate the spread into Dollars and Cents. The good news is if you can find the spread, finding this figure is very mathematically straight forward once you have identified pip cost and the number of lots you are trading.

Using the quotes above, we know we can currently buy the EURUSD at 1.3564 and close the transaction at a sell price of 1.35474. That means as soon as our trade is open, a trader would incur 1.4 pips of spread. To find the total cost, we will now need to multiply this value by pip cost while considering the total amount of lots traded. When trading a 10k EURUSD lot with a $1 pip cost, you would incur a total cost of $1.40 on this transaction.

Our Forex Pentium Robot has a special inbuilt setting - "MaxSpread". You can set preferred upper limit of broker's spread - the robot will block the orders with higher spread. That means that you will be saved from unnecessary expenditures.


Margin is calculated based on the leverage, but to understand the margin, lets forget about the leverage for now and assume that your account is not leveraged or indeed its leverage is 1:1.

Margin is the amount of the money that participates in a position or trade. Let’s say you have a $10,000 account and you want to buy ˆ1,000 against USD. How much US dollars do you have to pay to buy ˆ1,000?

 EUR/USD rate is currently    1.4314
 It means each Euro equals $1.4314

Therefore, to buy ˆ1,000, you have to pay $1,431.40:
ˆ1,000 = 1000 x $1.4314 => ˆ1,000 =

If you take a 1000 EUR/USD long position (you buy ˆ1000 against USD), $1,431.4 from your $10,000 account has to participate in this position. When you set the volume to 0.01 lot (1000 unit) and then you click on the buy button, $1,431.4 from your account will be paid to buy 1000 Euro against USD.

This $1,431.40 is called MARGIN. Now, if you close your EUR/USD position, this $1,431.40 will be released and will be back to your account balance.

The NEWSEST option in Forex Pentium is "MinMargin" that allows you to set the minimum margin level. If the percent of spare money will be lower that set in the inputs settings - then the Robot will not open new orders.


Forex Pentium comes in a full package with its detailed User’s Guide. It is pretty simple and usually takes about 1 minute for an experienced trader and up to 5-7 minutes for a complete novice. If you know how to use a mouse and can Copy/Paste the files it won’t take you long. Here’s, in brief:

After you purchase the product, the confirmation letter with the instant download link is sent to your email.

Download the compressed archive and unzip it. Inside you’ll find both Robot and User’s Guide files. Follow just 2 steps from the manual:

Download and save Robot file in the experts folder of your MetaTrader 4,
Restart MT4 and drag Forex Pentium from the Navigator into a currency pair chart.

And that is all – the entire installation process. Highly unlikely you’ll spend more than 5 minutes on it. If never done that before, please don’t worry – our user’s guide has detailed instructions with screenshots.

After that, it’s sufficient enough to simply leave your computer on and have your MetaTrader 4 launched. Occasionally, from time to time, you could glance at your Account History and marvel at the results of Forex Pentium Robot trades.


As always, with great joy we hasten to inform you that those who have time (and we recall that only 300 copies will be given away to our members with huge 50% discount along with SUPERBONUS), will get everything needed.

Do not forget that the robot and the bonus have pdf-files with all the necessary instructions for their installation and activation. So, for the lucky owners - read below what advantages you will receive additionally from us:

 FX PENTIUM Robot User's Guide 7/24/365
Free updates Money back Guarantee Super

File with Robot + 1 license for Live account and unlimited number of licenses for Demo accounts.
User’s Guide with most detailed Robot installation instructions with a whole lot of additional material.
Life-long personal support. We support our products throughout the entire lifespan of the program. Our friendly support operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week. (Yes, we’re open even on weekends!).
Free updates. In case a product needs to be updated we release a new optimized version that is offered to the existent users completely free of charge.
100% No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee if for some strange reason our product doesn’t meet your expectations.
SUPERBONUS - one of the BEST our product - Forex 50 PIPS System (worth $99, now 100% free).


We guarantee a 60-day money-back guarantee on all products. We can fully understand how important this is to you. This is why I decided to put it in writing:


First 300 copies would be given away to our members with huge 50% discount along with exclusive BONUS package - Forex 50 Pips trend indicator. It is a limited-time offer with multiple advantages. Do not delay!

You will never find such a tempting offer on this market. After 300 copies are finished, the price will become higher. Do not miss this advantage.

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Forex PENTIUM Robot + SuperBonus

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First 300 copies ONLY!

BONUS: Forex 50 Pips is a user-friendly trend indicator that will be fun to use. You can practice you manual trading with it while Forex Pentium will earn money automatically.

Just think it over. Incredible discount on the most popular product is reserved for you!

Today ONLY! 300 copies (+ bonus) available!

So, if you are a member of Green Forex Group and you are reading this text now - you still have the opportunity to grab this perfect bargain! What are you waiting for?

50% OFF. 300 COPIES.

P.S. All customers who get Forex Pentium Robot are eligible for all and any possible UPGRADES for free. Please note, we do not mean just regular updates that are always included into the price. Global UPGRADES may include NEW features and NEW pairs.


With the Forex Pentium Robot purchase you will automatically receive a compliment from Rita Lasker - Forex 50 Pips System.

If you are like manual trading as much as automated, try our bonus indicator.

This system snatches out the trends faster that any other tools! This indicator is based on Moving Average but its main difference from a standard MA is that it has an inbuilt powerful algorithm that allows to give signals with the minimal timeout and filter the market noises simultaneously.

It is safe and user-friendly. Just follow red and blue signals to catch the accurate trends! Very easy!

This is one of the BEST Forex software developed by Green Forex Group. Please remember, we have only 300 FREE copies for the first 300 customers of Forex PENTIUM Robot. This is TIME-LIMITED offer so please hurry up!

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Ready to give it a try? Up and running in 10, 9, 8... 

Download and install MetaTrader 4 from any Forex broker.
Buy Forex PENTIUM Robot.
Create a demo account and install Forex PENTIUM Robot.
Once you’re ready to trade, open an actual account with a Forex broker.

Take my word for it and download
Forex PENTIUM Robot here:

In just 10 minutes Forex PENTIUM Robot can start making money for you.

Forex PENTIUM Robot
User's Guide


Take my word for it and download Forex PENTIUM Robot here:


(Forex MEGA PENTIUM Robot + user's guide + Super Bonus )

Please remember: This is time-limited offer for the first 300 customers!

Not convinced?

OK, please stay with us for few more minutes...

To completely dissipate your concerns and doubts, we’re offering a 60-day 100% no-questions-asked money back guarantee on Forex PENTIUM Robot, should there be a desire to do so.

Think of it this way: WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE?



It is quite normal to have doubts. Actually it is better to think and carefully learn all the details first. So please read more about the product... Take your time, but please note that the discount offer is time limited.


Our company always takes care of your privacy. Please get acquainted with our new safety system implemented in Forex PENTIUM Robot. The product is protected from piracy and illegal access.

That's why each copy of the product can be installed only on ONE personal computer. Remember that your personal copy of the product will be attached to your account and PC which means that only you have the access to it. You will need to register it as described in the user's guide using your Order Number.

Get your own trading license!
The process of license registration is simple and takes a couple of minutes.

After the installation you will see Index Software XXX red message on the chart.
You need to copy the numbers and send them to our support
We will generate your personal code and send it to you.
All you need is insert it into Inputs (field Code). The message Index Software should become green. You are ready to trade!



(like Martingale)





There are plenty of products on the Forex market right now. Some of them are profitable, some aren’t. Some are very profitable in one market situation and inversely, cause monetary losses in another.

Quite a few of the developers invent and utilize their products to be used exclusively with 1-2 currency pairs. Such products can be quite profitable. However, as we all know, there are always good times as well as the bad ones. And in the situations like that, a trader, who utilizes a few pairs has a much greater chance to have a stable profit, than someone who concentrates primarily on only 1 pair.

We decided to concentrate this time on SECURITY and CONTROL opportunities in our development process. That is why we investigated Margin and Spread field in trading and added the chance to control these points.

We also applied a new feature to close all orders for the total amount of profit (CloseAllToProfit) which is very useful. You can activate this option and the robot will help to avoid monetary losses (for example, if this feature equals 30, then all orders will be closed in $30 profit).


The system can work with 2 currency pairs simultaneously
The system sends precise signals on when to open and close your orders and opens the exact orders
The system is simple to install and operate – something that permits an operation even by beginner traders
The trader personally selects a number of currency pairs, he wishes to make money on, considering the time and amount of attention he can dedicate to trading
The system operates in the terminal of ANY broker (MT4)
The system is extremely user-friendly. Once installed, it doesn’t require any further adjustments
A low level of drawdown allows using the system with very small deposits (from $200 - $300)
The system pays for itself after the first 1-2 profitable trades
The system is optimized to avoid the harsh market conditions
The system is fully automated, set-and-forget style


We ourselves frequently bump into our own products offered for sale, with some of our clients e-mailing us links to such "offerings". Oftentimes, the asking prices are substantially lower than our own prices.
This problem has two aspects: Judicial and Moral.

1. A sale of illegal copies of our products on e-Bay and other sites is technically considered to be a theft of intellectual property. Our rights to all our products are protected and our lawyers are actively involved in tracking down and bringing to justice all persons engaged in illegal copying, distribution and/or code modification of any of our products.

Moreover, the Forex market is global and the jurisprudence in some countries, empowered by the government treaties on the subject, permits us pursuing legal actions against not only sellers, but also after buyers of the aforementioned illegal copies. For one, we’d like to express our gratitude to the e-Bay’s Administration that's always adhered to and upheld some of the strictest rules on intellectual property and copyright protection.

2. You are a customer. And as such, you have a choice of whom you want to pay for a given product. In the unfortunate event that you purchase one of our products from someone unauthorized to sell them to you, you:

Lose any possibility of technical support for your product.
Lose an option to get any free future updates for any of our products

Indirectly, promulgate and entice people involved in the illegal practice of stealing intellectual property, thus, even further stimulating and promoting their belief that violating a law through stealing is permitted.

We’d like to remind you that the price for our product is relatively low in comparison to all of those magnificent, innovative ideas, that were built into it.


Fraud is a constant feature of business life. Employees, employers, and even auditors are known to have taken part in cases of massive frauds at the highest level of the corporate ladder.
Fraud is possible in any institution, regardless of the facade of honesty and decency maintained by the directors and managers, and the only way to protect yourself against fraud and scams is to ensure that the people with whom you partner are monitored by authorities and regulators.

You may have a lot of confidence in your experience and knowledge of the history of swindling, but we are all humans, and all of us can be cheated and fooled, regardless of the education level, background, or confidence possessed.

There are already hundreds of forex brokers of various sizes offering their services to clients and in spite of the recent economic crisis, growth continues unabated.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of a regulatory body that controls these various institutions, many fraudsters consider the retail forex business a most profitable environment for their nefarious purposes.

To avoid the troubles associated with such people, we advise you to work only with regulated, licensed firms, many of which will be reviewed on this website.


Please remember: This is time-limited offer for the first 300 customers!



Just imagine this: The very first 1 –2 profitable trades with one of the smallest lots (0.1) and the whole system will pay off for itself.

And if you get really lucky, after the very first profitable trade, you could earn much more than what you paid for our Forex PENTIUM.

The only thing we’d like to ask for – is for your integrity. If you already have paid off for the system, please don’t abuse the refund policy.

Be honest! We’ve done our part and overcame all of the obstacles with flying colors – so, enjoy the fruits of our labor. And for those, who once having received the refund continue using our system, please be advised, that we’ve incorporated in our system certain algorithms, that block all functionality of the product 30 days after the purchase.


During the global economical upheavals, one of the main features is a slight dip of one currency quotation vs. the other.

The main distinction of crisis market is its high volatility* - sudden fluctuations. The Forex Pentium Robot is well primed for work under high-volatility condition.

* Volatility refers to the amount of uncertainty or risk involved with the size of changes in a currency exchange rate. A higher volatility means that an exchange rate can potentially be spread out over a larger range of values.

High volatility means that the price of the currency can change dramatically over a short time period in either direction.

On the other hand, a lower volatility would mean that an exchange rate does not fluctuate dramatically, but changes in value at a steady pace over a period of time. Commonly, the higher the volatility, the riskier the trading of the currency pair is.


And now we’re going to let you in on what’s happening behind the curtains, so that you know how a product is developed.

We derive our inspiration from constant communication with market professionals, market-making representatives and with our valued customers. Throughout the years, many of our customers have become our close friends.

They are the ones we oftentimes ask to test our products. They are the ones who eagerly give us their rapid feedback.

That feedback, in turn, gives us plenty of so much needed opportunities to quickly respond by improving our products.

Our main goal is to produce the best possible products that comply with the requests from our numerous customers.

Our mission, as we see it, is providing traders with instruments for self-actualization, the incredibly powerful mechanisms that would allow our customers accomplish their hopes and dreams, by attaining their financial goals.

Each and every day we start with a question: “What else can we do for our members today”? And at the end of the day we also ask ourselves a question:
“Have we accomplished today whatever we’ve set out to? Have we also gone over and above?”

We can honestly say that for all of us a true definition of happiness is when we can almost always respond to a second question with a resounding
“Yes, today we’ve managed to accomplish a whole lot, but tomorrow we’ll accomplish even more!”

We love our members, and these aren’t just words!


When we collect feedback we find the following reasonable question from our customers from time to time – «Why do you launch products so often?» There is just one simple answer. Everything is progressing; Forex market DOES forge ahead in high gear.

Our development team catches the trends and implements it into our software. We try to be on the wave and develop up-to-date strategies that will be successful in the current conditions on the market.

We know exactly how to develop effective and super-powerful trading instruments. And what’s more important, we use all our products ourselves on daily basis.

Mind also that each and every customer has 60 days to test our product. Particularly, during that period, if our product didn’t live up to your expectations, we offer a full, no-questions-asked refund.

While I am perfectly sure that you will not need it as the experience shows.


My support team is a team I really proud of. If there would be some professional competitions, they would won the first price!
Let me introduce them to you. It is a group of 25 people working in day and night shifts.

They are real traders themselves because they need to know everything about technical aspect of the Forex trading.

They also test our products to be ready to answer any question. They are stress-resistant because they have lots of work and some customers can be quite disturbing.

They politely answer all the questions and all our customers stay satisfied. I personally control their work.

We proudly announce that our support team now operates virtually around the clock, 24 hours a day. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that all your questions will be answered virtually immediately.

Try to submit a question and you’ll come to realize that we are THE fastest and most responsive team out there. Agree - it’s imperative when your money’s at stake.

That means that should you have any questions, no matter how trivial, we’ll answer any in a rapid-response manner.


Please remember: This is time-limited offer for the first 300 customers!


Q. What do I need to run this robot?
You need MetaTrader 4 platform of any broker (4 or 5 digits) and stable Internet connection. Minimum deposit is $200 for micro lots.

Q. What pairs and timeframes can I use?
Forex Pentium Robot is designed for the following pairs - EURUSD, USDCHF. The timeframe is M15.

Q: How is that possible to have no losses at all with your software?
Naturally, there are no miracles and losses are unavoidable. However, according to our prognoses win/loss ratio of Forex Pentium won’t be lower than 85%

Q: Is it difficult to install your Robot? I’m new in Forex.
That’s not difficult at all. You may spend on it a bit more time than a trader, who’s well familiar with MetaTrader4, however, we have no doubts you’ll understand it in no time at all.

Q. I happened to see your products offered on e-Bay and other sites at substantially lower prices, so the next logical question is WHY should I buy it from you if I can purchase it someplace else and save my money?
. Thank you for this important question. We’ve decided to answer it as much in depth as possible. Please read "Illegal Sales" paragraph.

Q: Can I use it with VPS? Can you recommend me any VPS then?
You can use our product with VPS. However, in working with VPS, there’s a certain specificity. If you have any problems in the way our product operates with VPS, please contact the Support VPS.

Q. Can I switch off the platform when there are no open orders?
. It is better if you keep it running at all times. If you need to close it – please deactivate a robot before. Please do any manipulations at weekends when it will not affect its performance. With some brokers if you restart MT4 it may place some new orders that is not much desirable.

Q: Is the current price a one-time payment, or it is a monthly/annual fee?
You pay only once.

Q. Do you have any testing periods? Can I get a demo?
. No demo or trial version are available. But we do offer a 60 days refund period in case you don’t like it.

Q: If I won’t be fully satisfied with your product, how soon can I get my money back?
In compliance with our 60-day no-questions asked, full money-back guarantee, we’ll refund your money within 1-2 days after receiving your initial request for such.



BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS. Please, don’t buy illegal copies of our products!
This software is protected by authors patented algorithm which eliminates the code partially at the attempt to decompile. Software cracking leads to its unprofitable performance. Henceforward all pirate copies function absolutely incorrectly.

I appeal to those traders who want to save money at the purchase of our product: money given to pirates are thrown away. We found a way to protect our software so that it will give a hard time to pirates.

If you want to cut down your expenses, take advantage of our limited offer. In order to check the product “legitimacy” you found on the web, please contact our Support Team with a link and we’ll do the rest for you. Or, simply verify the price. Is it suspiciously low? Don’t fool yourself. Instead of getting a full-blown version of our software, you will get a chopped-up, limited version of the program and by doing so, you not only support the crooks, but also in the process violate copyright laws.

Purchase the product from our official web-site. Don’t break the law!

A good product is always worth the money!!!

We absolutely guarantee your satisfaction!


We thought you might like to know and it would be worth noting that part of the proceeds is transferred to the Environmental Protection Fund. Acquiring any of our great products, you’re not only getting a top-notch financial instrument, but at the same time help ecologically protect our beautiful blue planet.

   We are true believers that the future generations will thank us for taking care
of them in that way. It may warm your heart, knowing that with each dollar you earn, you also make a contribution of a different kind in the preservation and betterment of our
beautiful Mother Earth.



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